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if west virginia was in a position to perhaps win , wirin either way, a david versus g go lieith -- goliath type feel. >> jim: no question. >> clark: and butler has been working towards this opportunity for a long time. >> jim: good feed, smith goes inside to ebanks. >> clark: one of the few times we have seen that tonight, jim, and usually west virginia will get a couple of baskets a half on that type of cut but duke has done a really good job of pressuring the ball and being in good position as a team to take away some of the curls and back cuts. >> jim: the first points of the second half for ebanks. scheyer. gets past the defenders. >> clark: everything that we talk about at the top of the telecast that west virginia needed to do, defend the 3-point shot, rebound the basketball, contain dribble penetration. [whistle] >> clark: it has not happened. >> jim: another call against thomas. how about the big three? talking about singler, smith, scheyer. for the duke blue devils. >> clark: they have all been stellar and nolan smith has done it with the penetration and 3-point shot ma
, los angeles >> couric: meanwhile, in west virginia, hope is turning to despair. the fate of four missing miners remains uncertain tonight as once again dangerous conditions inside the mine forced rescue teams to turn back. national correspondent jim axelrod is in montcoal, west virginia. jim, it's been more than four days since this explosion. where does the rescue operation stand now? >> reporter: katie, for the third time in two days rescue teams are back inside the mine, although it is clear to say with every passing hour chances grow slimmer for a miracle in west virginia. the funerals started today in west virginia. 61-year-old benny willingham was among the first laid to rest. his army buddies flew here from california to say good-bye. they used to ask their pal about his dangerous job. >> he said "it is what it is, i've got to take care of the family." he knew what the possibilities could be. >> reporter: the remaining glimmer of hope continued to fade this afternoon after more frustration for rescue crews. at 12:45 this morning, two teams with eight workers each had enter
. 66 everything is clear through centreville. take it to the beltway in virginia. 95 to 66 a lot of construction sites here. little river turnpike near the 66 exit also near route 50 and the 495 and speaking of 95 is how we wrap up out of fredericksburg. lanes are wide open. back to you. >>> day two of the nuclear security summit gets underway in a few hours at the washington convention center. president obama is hoping to get world leaders to agree to secure all vulnerable nuclear weapons worldwide within four years. tara mergener has more. >> president obama hopes by the end of today world leaders will agree on a plan to keep nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists. >> the threat of nuclear terrorism is real. it is serious. it is growing. >> reporter: the president's counterterrorism chief stressed the need for urgency on monday. he warned that al-qaeda is actively looking for the key ingredients for a nuclear bomb and someone who could assemble it. >> we cannot wait any longer before we lock down these stockpiles. >> reporter: as part of an effort to secure the mater
the hill, steve handelsman, news4. >> thank you, steve. >>> new at 4:00, virginia's bob mcdon sell among the governors across the country who have gotten threatening letters from an anti-government group. mcdonnell's office received the letter wednesday and turned it over to the fbi and state police. officials say the governor and his family are secure. the letters prompted an increase in security for governors across the country. the fbi says the letters demand the governors leave office within three days or risk being removed. the guard answer of free republic is believed to be behind the letters. >>> students at howard university and the surrounding neighborhoods are on edge after a violent crime on spree. a band of armed masked men moved quickly in the early morning hours on thursday. it was a robbery spree that stretched almost -- walter reed army medical center. most of the crimes are concentrated nea hard university. the first one happened inside the school of engineering building on campus. three students will were robbed. howard students are being cautious. >> you get comfortabl
, steve handelsman. he is live maoma, west virginia. >> reporter: the mood is grim because the news is bad. they couldn't drill that hole to get the camera down but got the fires down and now the rescue teams are headed back in. the bad news from the overnight search left a lot of local miners less hopeful. >> it is no good whenever at first you have to be deployed, lets your hopes down a little bit. >> reporter: rescue teams made it to the one chamber. officials had hoped at least three missing miners, maybe all four, had taken refuge. as seen in the optimistic animation. in fact the chamber was still folded, unused. >> as a coal miner, you know what i means when they saw that shelter had not been deployed. >> absolutely, yeah. it means that that was their last chance, refuge, and if it had not been taken, advantage of, then -- chances are, like i said, are slim to none that we are going to see those guys again. >> reporter: monday's explosion had been hot. fire still burned. blocking rescuers' way to the second chamber and were ordered out. >> it is very emotional for all the rescuers. w
, virginia. no arrests have been made. >>> tomorrow students at one d.c. school will head back to class for the first time since their principal was murdered. brian betts was found shot to death in his silver spring home. he was a popular principal at d.c.'s shaw middle school. grieving students will head back to class this week. they found his suv on 4th street in southeast. witnesses say they saw four young men running from that vehicle but so far police have not made any arrests or named any suspects. >>> we're following another big story tonight. soot and ash are still spewing miles into the air from the volcano in iceland. it's forced airports from ireland to ukraine to close. 20,000 more flights were canceled today stranding millions of travelers all over the world. here in our area at dulles international airport, hundreds of passengers are frustrated. as fox 5's karen gray houston tells us, they just want to get home. >> reporter: some of these passengers stranded at the marriott this is as close to a plane they're going to get for now and possibly the next few days. it was a mi
with the final four and the national championship is set. duke against west virginia last night for the chance to advance. the blue devils downed the mountaineers, 78-57 thanks in part to john shier. duke will meet underdog butler on monday night. the hometown bulldog beat michigan state 52-50. gordon heyward scored 19 points. butler will appear in the ncaa title game for the first time in school history. >>> on the ice, alexander semin scored his goal ensuring the victory. >>> yesterday kevin youkilis hit a 2 two-run homer. the nats fall 6-1. opening day is monday against the phillies. that's your sports minute. >>> we now know gilbert arenas will serve his time at a halfway house in montgomery county. he pleaded guilty back in january to possessioning a gun without a license. a judge sentenced him to 400 hours of community service and 30 days in a halfway house. arenas will serve his time at the montgomery county pre-release center, which allows residents to leave for work or community service. arenas' arrival date has not been released for security reasons. but it is expected to happen soon
virginia and throughout the country are taught to escape first. they're taught to get out of the mine the way they came in first. they retreat to a chamber or rescue shelter as a last resort. when they have made the determination, if their training has taken, if they have made the determination that they need to go to a shelter, that that's the last place that they would go. a shelter is a sophisticated barricade, in my opinion. >> is there any evidence that leads you believe that anyone is alive? is there any evidence of that? >> we don't have any at this point. we just have hope. >> how far is that refuge chamber from the entrance to the hole? >> do you know? >> it's one inch equals a 500-foot map. i just guesstimated about 8,000 feet. >> so rescuers would have to go in two miles. >> they'll ride in a certain distance. they won't walk in from the outside. we'll get their them in there as quickly as possible for them to get in as far as we can. >>. [ inaudible question ] the debris starts around where the nine miners were on their way out. up to that point we can have access up to th
of yesterday. in virginia it looks good on 95. >> we did not see many major traffic tieups in the downtown authorities are still pressing forced ahead of the morning rush. the lock down around the convention center is in full effect still as police continue to investigate a deadly accident near one of the roadblocks. kathy park is live in northwest with the latest details. good morning. >> good morning. day two. a look behind myight shoulder and the checkpoint is there. it will not go down until later this evening. despite the fact traffic was better than expected yesterday, fed officials are urging downtown workers to work from home today. it is the second day of the summit. that means another day of roadblocks and tighten security around the washingtonconvention center. the warnings came early on. hofficials believe that had to dowith the lighter traffic. >> a lot of people stayed home and decided to take a vacation day all work from home. >> monday did not go without problems. if late afternoon on a bicyclist to die after colliding with a five-tonilitary trucks on new york ave. >> we ne
news. >>> rescue crews are within 2,000 feet of the west virginia rescue chamber. governor joe manchin is predicting the end of the sock at tonight. tonight's rescue mission is the fourth attempt to find the four miners who are missing that killed 25 in the explosion on monday in the worst coal mining disaster since 1984. >>> fire ripped through an apartment building in hillcrest heights around 9:00 in the 3100 block of good hope road. flames were on the fourth floor of the seven-story building. the fire has been put out. no injuries have been reported. the cause has not yet been released. >>> washington wizards guard gilbert arenas has begun serving his sentence on gun charges. he arrived at the montgomery county jail this evening and will spend the next two days there before he is releed to a halfway house. he received a 30-day sentence for bringing guns into the wizards' locker room. >>> the district is bracing for a traffic nightmare before the nuclear summit. it will cause numerous road closures in and around the convention center beginning sunday night. it is an already busy week
in west virginia to look at what went wrong in last week's deadly mine explosion. if they're searching for the last four missing miners -- they found the bodies this weekend. the death toll is 29. the worst mining disasters in nearly four decades. if the west virginia governor has called for a moment of silence at 3:30 today in memory of the victims. >>> maryland pose a general assembly is kremlin to wrap up unfinished business before lawmakers adjourned at midnight tonight. on this final day, several proposals are still in limbo, including measures to tighten laws against sex offenders and require higher child support payments. another bill considered would give school and police for new powers to fight gangs. >>> today's nuclear summit will mean some of the worst gridlock our area has seen in years, but the metro region is no stranger to the daily grind. there's a new polls showing more and more people are opting out. pull-ups do it is at tysons corner to tell us how. >> if there are more people on the roads. >> that appears to be the original opinion. according to a new washington
to be donors is low. >> reporter: the percentage of people registered as organ donors in virginia is almost twice as great as it is across the river in d.c. but now there is a new campaign designed to change that and boost organ donation across the country. the washington regional transplant community launched 30 days of videos on you tube. >> medi-vac'd to the hospital and he died. >> reporter: there are stories of organ donors and recipients. bobby heheay's is one of those. she received a transplant in 2006. >> i felt so good. it's a special feeling with transplant. you appreciate things you didn't appreciate before that you took for granted. i am blessed. >> for kiley's situation, she died of sids. there is no cure, no reason. her organs went to medical research. i hope one day in eithe my lifetime or kiley's little sister there will be a cure and kiley will help save other bies. >> reporter: another way for kiley to live on. in virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> if you want to see more of the videos, visit >>> wicked weather bringing another dose of bad weather. in lake
michigan coming up. >>> box two, breaking news from west virginia. what they're trying to figure out did remaining miners make it to a safe room. box number 3. he tried to sneak a smoke on a plane then joked about setting his shoes on fire. by the way, he was headed to visit a convicted al qaeda terrorist. some lawmakers want that diplomat to pay for the cost of the security scare. pj crowley joins us on a very busy day on "studio b" unless breaking news changes everything. he's been a supreme court justice since 1975. the oldest, longest serving member justice stevens is retiring. another high stakes political battle to fill his seat. stevens is the leader of the liberal bloc and president obama is certain to dominate another liberal to take his place. when he was put in, the word from ford was he wanted somebody with the best judicial mind and came up with stevens. now president obama wants someone very similar. the president is considering ten people at potential nominees. >> i view the process of selecting a supreme court nominee among my most serious responsibilities at president. w
spring into bethesda. here we are crossing the american legion bridge as we head into virginia. can you see all of your lanes are wide open and looking great right there. we do have delays reported 210 northbound from old forth fort road to palmer road inform you are traveling d.c. 295 headed onto howard road, the signals are now fixed. 395 northbound right here just before seminary road in the hov lanes. disabled bus blocks the right side of the roadway so just stay to the left. not affecting traffic with the lighter volume. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> police in virginia are trying to figure out how a body wound up in a pond in manassas. crews recovered the body around 10:30 last night. it was in a pond behind a apartment complex. there was a report of a missing man in the last couple of days but investigators say right now they are not sure if the body found is that of the missing man. >>> all charges dropped now against the 14-year-old arrested in last month's shooting spree. the city now says 14-year-old malik carter had nothing to do with the south capital str
showers, rain now across porgs of the virginia, west virginia, this batch is going to slow its spread to the east. by tomorrow afternoon, do expect to see some rain. it's going to take a little while for the moisture to move in. maybe a thundershower with that front close to the area on sunday afternoon. it may linger into monday, even tuesday. southwest winds 59 knots. tonight, partly cloudy skies later on. 46 by morning. a lot of clouds tomorrow, probably light rain popping up in the afternoon. high of 58 degrees. the next five days a risk of more showers on sunday. maybe some thunder. it will not rain this entire period. we'll probably see periods that will be cloudy. but we will have a risk of showers and 60s back here by next wednesday. >> check in with andrea fujihi starting at 6:00 a.m. for the updated first warning weather forecast. >>> and the o's are trying to right the ship as they take on the red sox. stan has the highlights next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> finally action for the ravens in the draft. >> once round two commenced on a love lovely friday afternoon. and
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degrees in fredericksburg, virginia. our forecast for today mostly sunny. away from the bay, bay locations will have some bay breeze. up 70s and low 80s today and tomorrow another little you so much of summer time across the area with highs once again nosing in on 80 degrees. it's so nice outside you can almost tolerate sitting in some traffic. >> not a lot to sit in this morning. that's very good news. along interstate 270 the southbound flow, left side of your screen no worries, lanes are open. only iss you may run into southbound are the bright lights for the northbound road work that's tying up the left half of the roadway. those lights are extremely bright indeed. the trip along 95 northbound out of lorton up to the capital beltway, incident free. check your speeds this morning. as we head out on the beltway, springfield across the wilson bridge only seven minutes. continuing to move along nicely up to route 50 and between route 50 and college park a mere eight minutes. eun, pat, back to you. >>> looks good. >>> time now is 5:23. ahead in the news this morning the d.c. taxi bribery sc
our affiliates in richmond, virginia, and tampa, florida. >> florida's coastline gets an unexpected ally in barack obama. >> this announcement came as a shock especially to environmentalists. the president today announced his support for exploring and drilling for oil much closer to florida beaches. >> so today we're announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration. but in ways that balance the need to harness domestic energy resources and the need to protect america's natural resources. >> this map shows you where drilling is currently allowed. this sort of beige area there. the red sections represent the new areas the president wants to open up. as you can see, much closer to florida's east coast and west coast. if congress agrees, oil derricks could go up just about 125 miles off the beaches, down from the current limit of 234 miles. an anti-drilling protest had already been scheduled in st. petersburg. it was sheer coincidence that the president made this announcement today. the message from our gulf coast communities is pretty clear. any risk of an oil spill is unac
." i want to get right to this newest attempt to rescue four missing miners in west virginia, because i hate to say it hit another snag. officials say rescuers encountered dangerous levels of gases underground so had to turn back. they delayed their search three days thus far so crews could drill holes to ventilate the toxic gases. the director of homeland security says it will be at least five hours before workers can try to return to the mine. the rescuers are hoping to find the four men and retrieve the bodies, too, of 18 other miners known to have died in that blast. earlier, here's the thing, a woman who lost -- think about this. her son, her brother and nephew in the explosions spoke to john roberts on our sister network, cnn. and says her son left letters for his girlfriend one day before the accident that seemed to have foreshadowed his death. >> if anything happens to me, i'll be looking down from heaven at you all. i love you, take care of my baby. tell her that daddy loves her. she's beautiful, she's funny. and just take care of my baby girl. and said jennifer, i love you. >>
's coal mine explosion in west virginia has been delayed temporarily. investigators will not be able to go into the mine where 29 people died until all the bodies have been recovered. authorities say they will prosecute any criminal act that may have led to the country's worst mine disaster in decades. >>> as conspiracy theories swirl about in europe, human error may be to blame for the weekend plane crash that killed the polish president and 95 other key leaders in that country. question investigators said a pilot was urged to land elsewhere because of heavy fog, but ignored instructions. there's evidence the president himself may have pressured the pilot to land at the fogged in airport. >> there's a twist in the tennessee woman wh returno to the adopted son to russia -- the woman who returned her adopted son to russia. the family could face child neglect in loudoun county. >> there's no statute we can find if to charge anybody with on this. so, you are it. >> the little boy's mother wrote that he was violent, with severe psychopathic problems. that was on a note she sent with the child
of the appalachians. one or two lonely sprinkles in far southwestern virginia. as we go from there into sunday morning, notice how almost all of the rain showers dry up as they come into our dry air mass and down sloping as well should eat up most of whatever rain drops will be out there. we'll call it a partly to mostly sunny day sunday. it will remain very mild. so highs for tomorrow, up near 81 degrees. again as winds come more and more out of the south and west, that will take away that little bit of a bay breeze. on sunday, temperatures should hold mostly in the mid-70s. so for today, sunshine, toasty warm away from the bay. and your evening plans if you're going outside, take a check. looking west, about 30 minutes after sunset, you'll have no trouble spoth the bright planet venus in the sky if you look down and to the right, that will be its neighbor in space, mercury. it will they're only 10 million miles apart and you'll see them a finger width apart by the time you get looking at them this evening. great weather for today and tomorrow. a few clouds on sunday. i don't think it will bother any
wants to reverse a ban on offshore drilling. areas off the coast of maryland and virginia could be included. speaking at andrews air force base, the president said the decision is part of a new energy strategy signed to reduce our imports of foreign oil. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has more on the drilling decision. >> reporter: at andrews air force base in prince george's county, maryland, president obama staking out a new claim on energy independence. >> so today, we are announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gags exploration. >> reporter: the president's plan includes opening up east coast offshore areas that have be off limits to drilling including virginia and maryland. >> drilling alone can't come close to meeting our long-term energy needs. and if the sake of our planet and our energy independence, we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuels now. >> reporter: it is a change of policy that moves the president closer to the position of drilling advocates. >> part of that vision is coming true today. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonnell, whose state boasts 112
investigators arrived in west virginia. they ever looking into what caused the coalmine explosion that killed 29 people. as jim axelrod reports search teams are still trying to recover more bodies. >> massey energy has a record with plenty to exam in. in 2009 they had 425 safety violations. the investigation will take months to complete. >> if you're not using that history of violations, to make sure miners aren't put at risk it is useless. >> jason adkins. >> it was a grime weekend here in southern west virginia. bells tolled in churches. >> william roosevelt lynch. >> reporter: after the bodies of the four missing miners were found saturday morning, and west virginia began to mourn. >> can you just say thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you coalminers. [ applause ] >> reporter: an eight-year-old, the son and grandson of miners, seemed to sum it up best. >> i say this is heartbreaking. everybody must pray for this accident and pray for our coalminers. please. please pray for them. . >>> west virginia governor is leading a memorial today for victims of a previous mining catastrophe. he will place
monday morning with the summit. >>> president obama says the virginia governor made an unacceptable omission when he claimed april without mentioning slavery. president obama says americans can't understand the war without understanding slavery. the governor apologized and added slavery to his confederate decree. >>> criticism from opponents of the recently enacted health care plan did not influence his decision. he led democrats, last minute support crucial to the bill's passage in the house. he said he would have won reelection if he tried. >>> deadly mine explosion in west virginia. they are trying to finally reach the missing manners. terrell brown joining us from raleigh county, west virginia, with the latest. >> reporter: it has been a day, lesli, of over again attempt after attempt and then disappointment. two attempts this morning. one trying to get a camera down into the mine. both of those failed so now rescuers are going back into the mine again. they are inside right now for a last ditch effort to search for these missing miners. >> reporter: rescuers are making another
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may have walked out of his apartment. >>> a 12-year-old boy in dumb fridays, virginia is charged with bringing a gun to school. he never threatened his classmates but did show off the weapon. bob barnard has more. >> reporter: the student is a sixth grader at dumphies:the 12-year-old boy flashed the gun this morning and when he got off the bus after 8:00 he pulled the gun out of his pocket, put it to his head and threatened to hurt himself. official say a male teacher doing bus duty saw what was happening and grabbed the gun. it turns out it was unloaded. >> it could be a lack in parenting. kids got -- parents got to be more in touch with their kids. >> reporter: we're told the boy was taken to the office. police were called and he was arrested, charged with possession of a gun on school property. parents in this community are calling what happened a cry for help. >> parents should be more involved because that child should have been able to go to their parents and talk to their parents and possibly get into some type of counseling or something, some kind of help. i think they're
-quarter mile. but it's mostly in the rural areas of maryland and virginia where the visibilities are down to near zero to a quarter of a mile. right now, the temperatures are in the low 50s and 40s in the shenandoah valley, 40 there, 52 in washington. and the last of that rain from yesterday is now pulling off the coast. we have a clear sky over the fog and after the fog dissipates by midmorning, we'll have lots of sunshine and afternoon highs should climb into the low 70s. s there just a slight chance of an isolated thundershower later on or a shower this afternoon, only a small chance. tomorrow, mostly sunny in the morning, a few clouds in the afternoon. saturday and sunday rain is possible. jerry, good morning. how's the thursday traffic. >> good. morning to you, obviously. as mentioned, the fog is going to be an issue. as we head on out, take a live look at this is the approach to the american legion bridge. let's go over to virginia and see how we're doing over there. a changeable situation, some areas not experiencing any fog, others socked in this morning. we'll keep you updated. t
in the last half hour from the effort to track down four missing miners in west virginia, that video shows crews working on the vent holes they need to get toxic gases out of the mine shaft. rescue workers have also been banging on pipes, sending sound signals deep down into the chamber where the men are believed to be trapped. so far, however, there have been no signs of life. governor joe manchin is not giving up hope. >> when they decided to drill a third hole, the reason for that, the first hole went so fast and so well, if the third hole with the big rig they have there, they can get these three down, they could be venting a lot better and pulling more air out, and if you will, decanterring that area quicker. megyn: live pictures from the scene, where at least 25 miners are confirmed dead. the remaining four are believed to be holed up about a thousand feet below the surface. we are live on site with what is next in the rescue effort, about 20 minutes from now. stay with us for that. >>> we are also watching the federal courthouse in philadelphia at this moment, the woman known as jih
that the abuse began around christmas and the boy had internal injuries. >>> a 16-year-old boy in virginia is suspected of possessing, reproducing, and distributing child pornography over the internet. a tip to the national center of missing and exploited children was given in february. >>> police hope that a second vehicle could provide new details concerning the murder of a popular dc principal. montgomery county police said that two suspects and two vehicles were likely involved in the murder of brian betts. a vehicle was detected around home around 12:13 last thursday morning. they're not describing the vehicle, but asking anyone with information to call police. >>> a military dog has gone missing for hours at dulles international airport but the dog somehow escaped from his great wednesday night and ended up on the tarmac. -- from his crate wednesday night and ended up on the tarmac. the doberman was spotted in a remote part of the airport. he is being trained to be a bomb dog. >>> coming up, all stark testimony at attacking trial in tennessee. sarah palin takes the stand. and should
read in the papers is that virginia, arlington county are proposing to step up to the plate and they should be commended. now only if we could get d.c. and maryland on board, a lot of the problems would be solved. >> if you would like more information on the hearings go to and click on web links. >>> there are budget troubles for maryland which could mean more unpaid days off for state workers. later today lawmakers will begin debate. it calls to skip cost of living increases, merit pay and they are not asked to shift teacher pension costs in the coming years. >>> two d.c. councilman are entering the run to fill the position of chairman. the announcements come one day after chairman vincent gray announced he will run for mayor and must give up the seat. >>> coming up, we'll talk with adrian fenty about the announcement. >>> and a look behind 3-d television and how it will bring the feeling to your home. >>> and cherry blossoms at the peak right now. clearwaters, great reflection this morning. sticaround for tuckers forecast coming up. ♪ >>> 11 minute
disaster in west virginia, people stopped what they were doing for a moment of silence today to mark the exact hour of the explosion. ceremonies on the floor of the u.s. senate and in the state capital of charleston. and even at that moment, investigators were arriving with new questions about the company run by a powerful lightning rod in the state. david kerly has our report. >> reporter: the bodies of nine miners still lie in the upper big branch mine -- with federal investigators arriving, waiting to enter the mine. and word tonight that the u.s. attorney here says he will vigorously prosecute any criminal act that may have led to the explosion. officials will want to talk to this man, the ceo of massey energy, the owneof the mine -- don blankenship, who talked about his philosophy in a documentary. >> in the united states, you have a capitalist society, and that capitalism from a business viewpoint is survival of the most productive. >> reporter: but many complain that for blankenship, production trumps safety. >> the upper buy branch mine had the largest number of any violation
, abc2 news. >>> 6:33. all new this morning we've just learned that all the dead west virginia miners were recovered from the mine. the bodies are seven victims were recovered shortly after the explosion last week and 13 bodies were removed on sunday. with the removal of the bodies the state and federal investigation can now begin to study conditions inside the upper big branch south mine. >>> russia's government is threatening to stop all adoptions by united states couples. this comes after a tennessee woman decided she should no longer keep the boy that she adopted. the 7-year-old was returned to his native country last week, sent alone on a 10-hour flight with nothing but a note pinned to his backpack. his adoptive mother, torry hansen wrote he was violent with severe psychotic issues. in an exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos, the russian children's rights minister denied the adoptive mother's claims. in tennessee there's outrage as well. >> if i as a parent had put my 7-year-old on a plane and sent him to seattle with a note for somebody to take him to an orphanage wou
. we appreciate it. >>> a wildcat related to the lion is on the loose in northern virginia. it is a 20-pound cat that escape order route 15 wednesday. it was last seen along gleedsville road in loudoun county. it is a medium sized african wildcat that's similar to a cheetah. it is spotted and -- it is spotted. it is wearing a harness, actually. this animal was hand raised and not considered to be a threat to residents. people are urged not to approach it because it is easily scared and will likely run away. anyone that see it is animal is asked to call animal control. >> wow. >>> it is a beautiful day out there. i can't imagine anyone wants to be caged up right now. >> like we are. >> yeah. >> we can just do the news from the picnic table out there. i was out there a few minutes ago. i leftim vance out there. he was reading his book. >> working hard. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. he has a couple more minutes. this weekend, delightful weather across the area. what are those folks doing? i need glasses. what are they doing? running around? biking? kicking around the soccer ball. this will be a te
loop, you want to stay to the right to avoid the work zone. as you travel 95 and 395 in virginia, everything wide open if you. 95 in maryland, we did have construction set up between 198 and 212 in both direction. here we are crossing the american legion bridge as you head into montgomery county, can you see everything is looking great. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> the big story this morning, charges dropped against a teenaged driver and the big story we are covering and police make two more arrests in last month's drive-by shooting. the d.c. attorney general announced the evidence against the 14-year-old just did not add up. police first said he was behind the wheel of the vehicle on march 30th. shooting spree on south capital street left four people dead. families of victims say they are shocked at this most recent announcement. >> they don't want to face the truth here. the truth is that our system has failed the city and they should face the truth that they made a mistake. they made a terrible mistake. >> i'm really confused because it is so
. it is in virginia. 395 northbound to get up to the pentagon. this is the delight to get past king street. they were doing earlier pothole stop. -- this is the the like to get past king street. that is all we need. long trips. >> thank you. >>> police say four people opened fire on tuesday night. one is still on the loose. we're learning new details about a possible motive. teaming up to try to stop the violence. courtney robinson is live with more. >> this community is calling this a senseless act of vience. police are searching for this fourth suspect, looking for any information they can. this as the community mourns the loss of four teenagers. brishell jones is one of four dead, killed in a hail of gunfire tuesday night. jones was just 68. >> my only child is dead. >> what makes it worse for her mother, nardyne jeffreries, as the one bracelet resulted in the shooting death earlier this month of jordan howe. a day after his death, a suspect in this murder, orlando carter, was shot in retaliation. he is being charged with three counts of murder. >> we have to come together and take their communiti
of the mountains, a chilly morning there. in the upper 30s. mid-50s eastern shore and through southern virginia and across the carolinas. around the nation, we have this storm system that's taking shape here through the central plains, spreading some rain. all the way into the upper midwest from this system. this is drifting our way. looks like it's going to be in place for the weekend, i'm afraid. here's how we're looking for today. temperatures by 9:00 intoed mid-50s. perhaps into the near 60 degrees or so. then it does look like we'll have quite a bit of sunshine this afternoon. that was a little bit of a mistake there about the rain. pay no attention to that. it looks like a sunny day today. overnight tonight, increasing clouds. during the day tomorrow will be cloudy and cooler with highs just the low 60s. sunday into monday, it looks like we'll be in the upper 60s to mid-have but a chance of showers and maybe some thundershowers, both of those days. and a look into next week, we may get lingering rain as well on tuesday. drying out, warming up a bit midweek. how's the traffic, tom? >>> if
, virginia at 45 degrees this morning. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for our region. clear skies here. up to the north, secure clear skies there. the rain has moved out. they've got nice recovery efforts or nice weather for the recovery efforts going on in new england. they will continue to see flooding for today in parts of the region has some of the rivers continue to crest. here is a look at the surface map. here what is we think will be going on if if you had and for the next 4 hours. -- for today and for the next 24 hours. high pressure is in control of our weather keeping things nice and calm and quiet. there is a cold front out to the west. you see the clouds associated with it. that will eventually work its way here. i think the main impact of the cold front will bring clouds in maybe saturday night. we really think the precipitation is going to break up before it gets here so i doubt we'll see anything. maybe some view ares to the west might see a riskle or two but that is about it. we look like we'll be pretty much rain-free for the next several days. forecast for
some showers across west virginia. around roanoke, light stuff. and further to the west and south, just a whole complex of showers. looks like saturday afternoon, some rain showers move in. we'll be much cooler. and additional chances of rain for sunday, monday, and maybe even tuesday. don? >> thank you very much. let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. kristi i heard you were working. and i thought i'd come in, too. >> good afternoon, don. thanks. i feel honored. unfortunately, the weather is holding out but traffic is not. it is going to be a difficult ride home. left lane blocked. traffic backed up to 795. delay is 20 minutes. north side inner loop. that's at a crawl. you're looking at almost 50 minutes to get by. as for 95 in the northbound direction, still slow there from caton avenue to the beltway. traffic sluggish on the harrisburg expressway in the southbound direction. that's from pedonia to the beltway. in parkville, taylor avenue. and moving to the city, we have too many accidents there to name. but just to include a few. south fulton at rams
you thought the uproar was over for virginia governor bob mcdonnell's confederate history month proclamation, in steps mississippi governor barber, also a republican, just tossing a little more fuel on the fire. barber told cnn mcdonnell's omission of any mention of slavery in the proclamation, quote, doesn't amount to diddly. basha tabboul he says people already know slavery was a bad thing. why would you waste time putting it in a proclamation? >>> finally good news to report about the airline industry. once in a while it happens. last year planes were more likely to land on time. bags were less likely to get lost. passengers reported fewer complaints in 2009. even as cash-strapped airlines reduced flight schedules and charged extra for almost everything. bags, pillows, peanuts. according to the annual national airline quality rating, hawaiian airlines did the best job for travelers last year, closely followed by low cost carrier airtran. jet blue, northwest, and southwest rounded out the top five. (announcer) we're in the energy business. but we're also in the showing-kids- n
previous title games, they've lost all four. they moved to a chance to light up west virginia from outside the out and led by john's 23 points and they tied a record by dropping 13 free pointers an now, they'll try to shoot down the bulldogs on monday night. yeah, it will be a big story, i'm sure, people are calling butler the cinderella and duke the big time program. it's going to be a fight. thigh eve earned all they've achieved and they're guys you look up to. they write the books and i get to read them. and the bulldogs had a great defense i have effort -- defensive effortyesterday. they'll have a game time decision also about the concussion -- >> and that's the game tomorrow, butler and duke. the coverage starts at 9:00 p.m.. >>> and with the oh's -- o's start two days away, they designated the infielder robert odino for aitem and they'll start tonight 15 dl list with a sore hamstring. they'll start tuesday in tampa against the ray's and baltimore's home opener is friday. you can catch it on wjz for a pregame show and the game's first pitch at 3:05 against the blue jays. also, i want
at the west virginia explosion site. and tonight a shift in the investigation. >>> whether you are a golf fan or not, the emotional between phil mickelson and his wife amy on a golf course is undeniable. i'm mary bubala, we'll speak to a local cancer survivor and get her reaction to that moment. >>> there's a change coming in the weather. we'll have the updated warning forecast ahead. ,,,, car owner: yeah, here she is. friend: it's uh . . . great. car owner: thanks. friend: yeah. car owner: doors would have been nice. friend: yeah. car owner: they weren't in my budget. friend: no biggie. car owner: hey, you want to hop in, go for a ride? friend: oh! be easy, right? car owner: yeah! carmax spokesperson: settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. for the money you would spend on a stripped down new car, you could get a fully loaded guaranteed quality used car at carmax. now more than ever the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be. bby signing up for other thingst g- like homeowner's or renter's insurance. nice work, everyone. exec:
. >> reporter: today five young americans sit in a pakistani jail 7,000 miles from their virginia homes. they are either homegrown american terrorists or, as their families insist, innocent students who wanted to help fellow muslims. late last year the men flew from virginia to the crowded, dangerous city of karachi where senior al qaeda leaders have been captured in daytime shootouts. pakistani police say the five set off along this road to try and join a terror group launching attacks in pakistan and afghanistan against u.s. forces. their first attempt, jasha muhammad, muhammad's army suspected of beheading "wall street journal" reporter daniel pearl. police say that group turned them down, so the men got back on the road and tried to join yet another terror group, lashkar-e-taiba. the army of the pure. in pakistan lashkar-e-taiba openly preaches violencend in afghanistan they kill u.s. troops. >> the l.e.t. has put the world on notice that they intend to escalate the carnage and spread it worldwide. >> reporter: but police say because the five have no local references, lakar-e-taiba
virginia be flown at half mast in honor of the miners who were killed in the explosion. there was a moment of silence this afternoon to remember the victims. meanwhile, in his recovery workers have gone back inside the mind to try to find the final nine victims. there is still an investigation under way into what caused the explosion. >> police in alexandria found the mother -- found the bodies of a mother and her two daughters. if you have any information about a suspect, who we understand is still on the list -- -on in the lioose -- it is an urgent search. this is a booking photo that was taken several months ago. police believe he killed this woman and her little girl. >> why would he do that to his own flesh and blood? >> he had lived with this woman and her daughter. neighbors say she was a beautiful, quiet woman who was always with her daughter. >> sometimes i would see her bringing her daughter places. >> sunday morning, neighbors called police after hearing the sound of a fight from inside the 14th floor apartment. when police showed up, they found her and her daughter dead. the su
with scientists from italy. >>> a virginia college tops the list of the greenest schools. the college of william and mary is one of the most environmentally friendly colleges. there are green buildings in use of renewable resources and other projects. william and mary has programs that go toward facilitating improvements. >>> late april is starting to feel a little more like february for people in southern california. an unseasonable storm dumped snow, that is right, snow in san diego. the storm system from the gulf of alaska brought the high wind and heavy rain. temperatures are down 20 degrees below normal. and in colorado, a family as patching up this big hole after storms hammered that area. the house was hit by a blast of lightning, and the forces blew open a section of the roof. the damage will likely be in the thousands of dollars. the good news is that no one was injured. it would have been a different outcome. >>> all kinds of wild weather everywhere. snow is moving in the colorado area, there is severe weather across arkansas and mississippi. we are high and dry with sunshine. let's lo
. and it occurred in virginia along northbound i-95 as you approach the prince william parkway. eight-car pileup is tieing up our commute. we have three vehicles here and four here in the middle and another vehicle just out of camera range. it spun around and facing the wrong direction. you need to know that northbound 95, the main line is blocked here at the prince william parkway. for a while they were allowing traffic to use the service road to squeeze by. now v-dot tells me they have listed the h.o.v. rules on 95 to alleviate the tieups out of stafford and through dumfries toward newington and springfield. but if you commit do the h.o.v. lanes out of woodbridge, you can't exit into the main line until you reach newington so that is tricky. do make note of that. again the service roadway, single file to the right will get you through and the h.o.v. lanes and restrictions have been lifted. but again, you cannot make your exit back into the main lie until you reach the fly over at 7100 out toward the tank farm. at least five injured in the incident and the main lines of the 95 are closed. and o
. this is the trial of petty officer second class jonathan keefe of new yorktown, virginia. they don't want his picture shown because it's in special operation. use accused of dereliction of duty. he's chose to go have the case heard by the judge and there won't be a jury as in the case of julio huertas. jane: and huertas was found not guilty. does that mean the possibility of acquittal is pretty high for the others? >> reporter: it's possible. the biggest concern would be for matthew mccabe, he's the navy seal actually accused of punching the prisoner in the stomach. mccabe's attorney says the case has been laid out in the trial of huertas and in the trial of keefe and the jury didn't believe the allegations in the last trial. mc-- i'm sorry, huertas was found not guilty so he's sure keefe and mccain will also be found not guilty and he talked with me this morning about mccabe's reaction to the acquittal of huertas. let's listen. >> i woke up yesterday to an effusive e-mail from my client, he was shouting and overjoyed, and he anticipates keefe will meet the same result as will he, he's very c
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